April Foolishness

An article “Nick Cave Reveals True Identity, Art Basel Launches Fair of Fairs, and More” appeared on artinfo.com on Monday, April 1. The series of breaking news stories revealed that the Chicago-based visual artist Nick Cave is also Nick Cave, the Australian musician. In another story, the Guggenheim Museum plans to present “The Arts of Scientology” in a collaboration with the Church of Scientology and focus on the watercolor paintings of the church founder. The source link of each story led to a video “Jackson Pollock Gets Rick Rolled.”

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) announced on their blog Unframed the opening of an exhibition “Pre-K(ontemporary).” The exhibit features the work of five young Los Angeles-based artists – Tyson, Maria, Henry, Olivia W. and Olivia G. Special guest curator Tyson’s Mom spoke about the minimalist works of art, the wide array of media used and Tyson’s “bold comment on race in America” in his use of the color brown. The exhibit opens April 1 and runs through that afternoon or “until the artists choose to go home for nap time.”

The paintings by former president George W. Bush were set to be shown in an exhibition “American Legacy” at the Gagosian Gallery March 30- May 23, 2013. A flyer for the opening reception of the exhibit, created by Joshua Saunders, went viral in an article written by artist and blogger Damien Crisp, who shows artistic expression through the invention of stories. Crisp even created a Facebook page for the Gagosian Gallery with photoshopped images from the event.


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