Reduce Reuse Recycle Create Art

California-based artist Wendy Gold creates art by using antique globes and recycled materials she finds in flea markets and online. She recreates the globes through the application of decoupage materials like old books and wrapping paper to make flowers, animals and messages. The one-of-a-kind and customizable work is an environmentally conscious way to make the earth a canvas.

Artist Bri Hand turned the planet Earth into an advertising campaign through “Visit Earth.” The print advertisements spawn from the idea that extraterrestrial life is contacted through scientific algorithms and to instead create messages that promote reasons to visit Earth. The ads feature messages like “Science Only Deepens the Mystery” and were sent into space using radio waves and a helium-filled weather balloon.

Artinfo looked at instances of art that negatively affected the environment. The article “For Earth Day, 4 Artworks That Laid Waste to the Environment” discusses projects that have damaged trees in New York City and created Co2 in Los Angeles. Environmental installation artists Christo and Jean-Claude who worked on projects like “Wrapped Coast” and “Running Fence,” started a project in Arkansas that received objections from activists and protesters. The article addresses the importance of recognizing how actions, even artistic actions, affect the planet.


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